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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY for http://aarogyahomeopathy.com, the website of Homeopathic Services, Inc.
Version # 1.00 : Effective as of January 1, 2015

This privacy statement applies to all pages and content directly located on the “http://aarogyahomeopathy.com” website. This statement is effective as of the date indicated above. As this web site grows in content and complexity over time, this privacy statement will be updated (with a newer “Version #” than indicated above). We will not provide any form of notification of such changes (other than updating these latest policies here), so it is imperative for interested users to inspect this page for any updates as often as they deem necessary.

Your use of this site implies that you have read and understood this policy, and that you are in substantial agreement with all of its stated terms. If you have problems with any provision contained within, do not use or access this web site in any manner.

Updated: February, 6 2015