Aarogya Homeopathy

A choice to better health.

Why use Homeopathy?

There are many reasons we choose and use homeopathy first. These are a few of the basic reasons using homeopathy is common sense for millions of us world-wide:

Homeopathic remedies have no known toxic side-effects in over 200 years of use.

Why no toxic side-effects in over 200 years of use?

Due to homeopathy’s use of minute amounts of naturally occurring healing substances, homeopathy is (and has been for over 200 years) one of the gentlest and safest healing therapies in the world today without any known toxic side-effects. Family’s who use homeopathy, (myself included) choose to use completely non-toxic remedies first, before taking any risks with our children, or ourselves using any other substance’s with possible side-effects and toxicity. For millions of people homeopathy has been and continues to be our first choice with our children and ourselves for this commonsense reason, alone.

Homeopathy has been effective in reducing or discontinuing the need for toxic therapies.

Why reduce the need for toxic therapies?

Because of the toxicity of medical drugs and the shock of surgeries, these harsh treatments, while possibly necessary in emergencies, can push us deeper into ill health. Overall, weakening ourselves.

Many of my clients had previously gotten themselves into a spiral of using more and more medical drugs to keep themselves alive, or comfortable. It’s a very common medical practice today to have our elderly taking umpteen medications every single day. There is no possibility these medical drugs were ever tested together to see what life-threatening or devastating interactions they promote. No way of knowing for doctor or pharmaceutical company to rationally guess the outcome in our bodies. We do know there is no possibility these drugs will support a person's overall healing and strength with the amount of toxicity involved. Truthfully, any person taking a drug, becomes a potentially lethal experiment, but as the amount of drugs used in combination increases the odds of a serious negative reaction increase exponentially. Whether we are old or not, the toxicity from drug therapies will degrade our health until another drug and then another is needed just to maintain feeling well.

Toxic therapies by definition are unable to heal or strengthen us. If we feel we must use a toxic therapy to stay alive or function, then we must understand our need to further address our actual healing. Otherwise, toxic therapies catch us into a devastating spiral of ill health and our ultimate self destruction.
Homeopathy never participates in promoting more toxicity. Homeopathy strengthens and allows us to heal ourselves.

Homeopathy treats our susceptibility to illness not a disease.

What does treating susceptibility mean? (Please excuse my length for this explanation. This concept of healing can be a little more difficult to get across.)

Susceptibility is what creates our vulnerability to a disease or toxic exposure. Treat our susceptibility and we strengthen ourselves. Treating what has us be susceptible to ailments or conditions is actual healing. If a therapy treats only the symptoms of an individual without also healing the individuals overall resistance then the treatment is a fraud and will only allow the individual to feel temporarily well until their health crashes again.

Please consider this:

Our current philosophy of medicine believes we are victims of exposure (ie, if you breath the air with the flu virus in it, you'll get the flu). Current treatment is based on handling symptoms and then just hoping you won't be exposed again. This is silly.

Exposure is not what causes our contraction of the ailment, or our unhealthy response to the ailment afterwards. People who have healthy immune systems and healthy lifestyles aren't as likely to contract diseases in the first place, and are even less likely to suffer from long lasting negative consequences from those conditions when they do contract them. This is common sense.

Susceptibility is the key here: Exposure becomes a problem when there is an unhealthy individual who is susceptible, or their repeated exposure becomes too excessive for their immune system to fend off. But, believing exposure was the cause is ludicrous. If we believe exposure is the cause then according to the news we should have all died from the highly resistant specialized flu’s coming out of Asia, many times over by now. (How many times today were we already exposed to viruses or bacteria? Every time we eat? Every breath we take? Every time we touch our eyes, etc.? Did all those exposures make us sick? Of course, not. Our immune systems handle our exposure and even becomes stronger with exposure and rest.) Exposure plays a fairly minor part in illness.

By believing exposure is what causes us to be ill, we set ourselves up to be victims with no responsibility or capability to heal, develop resistance, and increase vitality. The belief of exposure as cause to our ailments to our society has become more devastating and life debilitating then any flu virus.

Understanding how to take care of our overall health frees us to be in charge of our health and healing. Homeopathy teaches responsibility for health and how to heal ourselves without being blinded by our fears.

Homeopathy has been effective in reducing or replacing the need for excessive nutritional supplementation and herbal treatments.

Why reduce the need for excessive nutritional supplementation and herbal treatments?

Supplementation and herbal treatments can be very helpful. But, excessive supplementation and herbal treatments may have potential health risks similar to the over-use of medical drugs. Over-use weakens us. Some people use more and more herbs and supplements to handle their discomforts just like drugs. My clients will sometimes bring me, literally, shopping bags full of supplements into my office showing me their intense struggle to feel well. Telling me a story of how they kept pushing their symptoms around with one supplement after another.

This struggle can be very discouraging and expensive. Never handling the underlying reasons or conditions which weaken us and bring about our ill health in the first place is painful, and potentially no better then a toxic medical therapy, as mentioned previous. Both, excesses can be devastatingly unhealthy practices.

Properly using homeopathic remedies can help us let go of the need for those kinds of symptomatic treatment. A classically trained homeopathic practitioner will potentially help us reverse these downward trends until there is no need for inefficient, toxic, or even dangerous symptomatic treatment.

It's effective.

Where Is Homeopathy Effective? Overall health

Homeopathy strengthens our overall health, which allows homeopathy the ability to be effective where other therapies fail. When dealing with the actual health, strength, and vitality of a person as opposed to symptoms an entirely different, unknown world of possibility opens up for an individuals health and wellness.

Acute conditions.

Homeopathy is useful for ourselves and families (our animals) in acute situations with emotional upset, stress, colds, flues, accidents, etc. Many families are quite capable of self treating with a kit and a good book most minor health conditions safely. Since the remedies have no toxic side-effects they can be used without detriment. The only concern is using the remedies in a potentially life or limb threatening situation without also seeking help from emergency medicine.

Emergency conditions.

There is no reason to avoid emergency medicine when needed, or the need is suspected. I personally use emergency medicine if the need arises without more then a second thought. There are homeopathic remedies which can handle emergency situations. But, why not use the best of both worlds? Once the emergency is handled then the overall health could be supported amazingly well again by non-toxic homeopathy. It’s not a question of one or the other here. Its more a question of when to use one, the other, or both? I usually prefer both in an emergency.

Chronic conditions.

Homeopathy really shines where chronic conditions are concerned. Chronic conditions are ailments where we have no end to the discomfort. It either keeps occurring or coming and going, but always returning. Chronic conditions can be emotional pain, or physical, or disrupted performance. These kinds of conditions have underlying reasons in our lives why they persist. Homeopathy when used by a good homeopathic practitioner can potentially diminish and even entirely relieve these conditions. It usually doesn’t matter if the condition seems to affect us more emotionally or physically or our performance. Remember homeopathy is holistic, and truly non-medical, and does not seek to diagnose or treat a medical condition. But, I have seen people relieved of symptoms from conditions medically diagnosed prior as ADD, ADHD, diabetes, asthma, tumors, cysts, fibroids, lupus, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, reoccurring ear infections, recurrent sinus infections, nonspecific pain, gallbladder colic, hepatitis, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, fibromyalgia, ITP, addiction to various substances, various cancers, IBS, Crohn’s, various thyroid conditions, allergies, hay fever, Acne, psoriasis, eczema, heart conditions, high cholesterol, etc..etc..etc. This list goes on and on. The medical diagnosis is of little concern compared to the reason an unhealthy state persists. Address our unhealthy state and (with work) we can heal from a great majority of conditions.

Medical treatment support.

Homeopathy is also effective at supporting recovery from drastic emergency medical therapies. Many of our clients have gone through chemotherapies and other drastic therapies with their doctors reportedly having been surprised at the lack of side-effects and their patients quicker and fuller recoveries. Even if homeopathy for some reason is unable to heal us from a specific affliction (no therapy is 100% effective for everyone), homeopathy still has a great potential to strengthen and give us better relief, more vitality, and quality of life.

Going beyond vaccines.

You may ask, “but what about vaccines?” “Aren’t vaccines preventative?”

Vaccines may tell a person’s body what it may come into contact with. But, vaccines don’t promote their better health, strength, or vitality (in-fact there is quite a bit of evidence to show vaccines may traumatize, and or weaken the immune system, and the person). Common sense may ask, “how does a drug, or vaccine make an individual stronger and increase her vitality?” “how does a toxic crude amount of any substance make one stronger?”

Basically a generalized vaccine has nothing to do with that individuals needs. To prevent dis-ease, or build an individual’s susceptibility is different for each person. It cannot be done in a five-minute interview, or a shot. It takes knowing a person and discovering what deteriorates that particular individuals health. It takes support over time to help that individual make better choices and find better solutions at times when they may fail. It takes reducing toxicity in the person. It takes time to build up their overall vitality and resistance. In-fact this is the one drawback to any legitimate healing therapy…it takes time. Homeopathy is healing, not medicine.

Therapy with an end.

Symptomatic therapies have no end of treatment.

Therapies which only treat symptoms but don’t treat the whole person leave us fearfully stuck on the medications of use, and consequently addicted to greater use as time goes on. Homeopathy deals with the underlying causes (why a person gets ill). For most of us, once the causes are taken care of, our body can heal itself. Homeopathy increases our vitality and resistance to disease and toxicity, which teaches us to heal and resist both disease and toxicity for the long haul. If we have enough vitality; no more remedies, drugs, surgeries, herbs or any other substances or therapies (beyond a healthy lifestyle) are needed to keep us healthy and participating fully in our lives.

Homeopathy is effective, gentle, non-toxic, non-addictive, healing, holistic, and safe. For millions of people world-wide; we can’t understand why people would not choose Homeopathy first.


Updated: January, 31 2015