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Aarogya Homeopathy provides a list of common medications used to treat Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis.
Name of disease and medicine Pneumonitis (Pneumonia)

Name of the medicines commonly used according to similarity of sign and symptoms of the disease-characteristics and patient’s individualistic guiding symptoms with medicine:—
Aconite nap, Antim
tart, Arsenic alb,
Bryonia alb, Carbo
veg, Hepar sulph,
Hyoscyamus, Ipecac,
Pulsatilla, Rhus tox,
Senega, Squilla,
Sulphur etc.:

1. Aconite nap: Early and congestive stage in young and plethoric men, who are full of life
and vigour, when the attack is sudden and violent with unbearable pain and restlessness accompanied by anxiety. The patient is very fearful, fear of death, mention the time of death.
Profuse thirst for large quantity of water. Ailments from fear, sun, dry cold air and suppressed perspiration.
2. Antim tart: With great breathing, worse towards morning, compelling oppression of the patient to sit up to breathe and feels that the next cough will raise the mucus but it does not. Amel. by expectorations and fan. Agg. From sour. Thirstless. Aversion to milk. Desires for
3. Bryonia alb: When pneumonia complicated with pleurisy, worse on slightest motion and
relieved by lying on the affected side. The patient feels hurt during coughing and holds his
breath to prevent it. General agg. From motion. Amel. By rest and pressure. Dry hot stool. Dry
white coated tongue. The patient is susceptible to hot and very angry. Takes large quantity of
cold water after long intervals.
4. Chelidonium: The right lung is more affected, produce excessive secretion in bronchial tubes
in which the patient is unable to raise with stitching pains under the right scapula. Agg.
From touch and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Amel. By eating and warm milk. The patient is sad.
5. Phosphorus: When cough with pain under stemum, as if something was tom loose, pressure across the upper part of chest and constriction of larynx, sputum yellowish, mucus streaked with blood or rust coloured. The patient is hot, very restless, sympathetic, absent minded and sharp intellect. Unable to lye on left or affected side. Fear of dark and thunder-storm.
6. Sanguinaria can: When dry cough and sharp stitching pains worse on the right side, purulent
expectoration is offensive, hard and feels are rather hot or very cold, redness of cheeks with
buming heat specially in the afternoon. Agg. from lying on right. Desires for pungent foods and open air. Amel. after diarrhoea. Burning in extremities.
7. Sulphu: When rales and expectoration is muco—purulent, slow speech, dry tongue, dyspnoea between 12 to 2 at night. It is useful in neglected cases and psoric constitutions with a tendency towards tuberculosis. The patient is susceptible to hot, very restless, untidy, uncleanness. Burning heat on palm, sole and vertex. Desires for sweets and aversion to milk. Offensive and acrid discharges.


• Isolate in a warm well ventilated room.
• Avoid overcrowding and exposure to chill.
• Take light nutritious diet, e.g. milk.
• Oxygen inhalation, if required.

Updated: January, 14 2015

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