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Frequent Colds

Allergic cough,sneezing,rhinitis,are common problems specially in people with decreased immunity
Name of disease and medicine Common cold & Coryza Name of the medicines commonly used according to similarity of sign and symptoms of the disease-characteristics and patient’s individualistic guiding symptoms with medicine:—
Aconite nap, Allium
cepa, Ammon carb,
Arsenic alb,
Belladonna, Bryonia
alb, Calc carb,
Euphrasia, Graphites,
Hepar sulph, Kali iod,
Lycopodium, Merc
sol, Natrum ars,
Natrum mur, Nitric
acid, Nux vom,
Phosphorus, Pulsatilla,
Rhus tox, Rumex,
Silicea, Spongia,
Sulphur etc.

Any other medicine may be used in this disease according to symptom-similarity of patient and medicine.
Characteristics and guiding symptoms of some medicines used in this disease are described below:

1. Aconite: Sudden and violent coryza from cold dry air, sun and suppression of perspiration. The patient is very restless, thirsty for frequent large quantity of water. Very fearful. Fear of death, utters about the time of death.
2. Allium cepa:  Profuse discharge of bland water from eyes with burning acrid watery discharge from the nose. The patient cannot stay in a warm room and ameliorated in open air. Affected left side. Craving for onion.
3. Arsenic alb: For winter colds with thin, watery excoriating discharge with a feeling of nose being stopped-up. Sneezing does not relieve the throbbing frontal headache. The patient is chilly, severe weak, restless and fear of death. Frequent thirst for small quantity of water.
4.  Arsenic iod: When burning in nose and throat is marked.
5. Belladonna: Throbbing frontal headache worse from motion or lying down, dull pain in frontal sinuses cerebral excitement and swelling in throat. Affected right side. Sudden and violent onset of symptoms and disappears suddenly. Affected parts heated,red, burning and oversensitive.
6. Camphor: Should be given when nose is stopped—up and dry. The patient is susceptible to cold, but desires uncovering in collapse stage when expressed internal buming and extemal
coldness, Crampness of extremities. Alternative excitement and repeatense.
7. Euphrasia: Indicates discharge of burning acrid water from eyes and bland thin discharge from the nose. Agg. from light, sunlight and warmth of bed.
8. Gelsemium: When there is congestion of head, ‘hot fever’ and chilliness. Chill runs up and down the back with watery discharge. The patient is chilly, thirstless, paralytic weakness,
drowsiness, heaviness and trembling of extremities. Ailments from excitement and bad news.
9. Hydrastis can: There is more buming, rawness and constant desire to blow the nose, when cold has settled at the back of the nose and throat. The patient is chilly, very much constipated, sting—like discharges, loss of appetite, tasteless, vomits all except milk and water.
10.  Natrum mur: Colds with watery, transparent discharges, causing blister like eruptions about mouth, lips and nose. Entire loss of taste or smell and desires for salt. The patient susceptible to hot and restless. Angry, agg. from consolation. Severe constipation.
11. Pulsatilla: Indicated in the advanced stage of cold, known as ‘ripe cold’. The discharge is
thick yellow, mucopurulent and bland. It is relieved by cool air and aggravated by warmth.
The patient is weepy, susceptible to hot and thirstless.

Diet and Regimen

• Bed rest and isolated is necessary.
• Linen or tissue paper should be used.
• The head should be kept warm.

Updated: January, 12 2015

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  1. Nitin Hire Mar 11 2015 1:13PM Reply
    I am having Allergic cold since childhood,and my feets got warm in night due to this unable to have a enough sleep. I have consulted a physician also and have been told that due to excessive heat(Ushma) in body i am having such problems.Could you please suggest a remedy for this.
    • Dr Shivani VermaMar 12 2015 3:46AMReply
      Allergic Cough may be due to decreased immunity and burning in feet can have multiple causes.Homeopathic medicine can probably help you but homeopathuc case taking is required for this.

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