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Earache (Ear Pain)

Earache or ear pain is a problem encountered by most of us at one time or other in our life. Pain in ear is a common problem in children but it is felt by adults as well.

Earache or ear pain is a problem encountered by most  of us at one time or other in our life. Pain in ear is a common problem in children but it is felt by adults as well.the pain of ear can be sharp, dull ,intermittent or  continuous and may effect one ear or both depending on the underlyeing cause. This pain of ear may or may not be associated with ear pathology as there are various other reasons  like toothache,mumps ,tonsils etc.

Causes of pain in ear

Pain in earmay be due to any underlying pathology of ear or it mey be referred pain of other parts like toothache or headache.

Foreign Body in Ear

In medical terms, a foreign object is something that is in the body but does not belong there. Foreign objects may be inserted into the body accidentally or intentionally. They are also sometimes swallowed. They can become lodged or stuck in various parts of the body, such as the ears, nose, eyes, and airways. Children are most likely to get foreign objects lodged in their body while playing or unknowingly.For instance children swallow coins or they may insert matchsticks in their ear etc.

Impacted Wax In Ear

Ear wax is collection of mucus secreted in ears ,dirt collected in external ear, dust.presnce of some earwax in ear is normal and it protects ears from outer dust and germs.Sometimes in some people more ear wax is produced or ear wax is pushed inside the ear canal. This causes pain and the wax has to be removed for relief of pain.

Rupture of ear drum

Eardrum rupture is a small hole or perforation in the tympanic membrane.it may be caued by infection or injury or pressure changes.you may experience hearing loss and ear discharge along with pain if there is rupture of tympanic membrane.

Earache or ear pain is a problem encountered by most of us at one time or other in our life. Pain in ear is a common problem in children but it is felt by adults as well.

Infection of outer ear-Otitis Externa- swimmer’s ear

After bathing or swimming,Usually some moisture is left in the ear canal.This becomes a spot for bacterial growth.trauma due to headphones or intense scratching can also lead to infections of outer ear.

Middle ear infections

Otitis media –infection of the ear cnal behind ear drum is called otitis media.it is avery common cause of pain in ears.


Sinus inflammation -sinuses are small air pockets located behind forehead, cheek bones, nose and eyes. It secretes mucus to trap germs. Some allergens and microorganisms can cause increased secretions which block these sinuses. This is sinusitis and it also causes ear pain along with facial pain and headache.


This is infection of tonsils. This is a common disease of childhood though it effects adults as well. As tonsils are located in throat their infection spreads to ear canal causing earache. Other signs of infection of tonsils include fever, pain in throat,  difficult or painful swallowing.

Ear Barotrauma

This is injury to ear drum due to changes in air  pressure as going to higher altitudes while travelling in an aeroplane or mountaineering. Symptoms of barotrauma are ear pain, general ear discomfort, stuffiness of ears,decreased hearing.

Menier's disease

This is a disease of inner ear. The inner ear is filled with fluid  called labyrinth. This is responsible  for balance of body and hearing. It is a chronic disease of unknown etiology. The symptoms include vertigo, ringing in ears.


Tooth Ache 

Pain in teeth because of germs n cavities or eruption of wisdom teeth or any other reason is often a reason of severe ear ache. It happens because of the common nerve supply  to mouth and ears.

Chronic ear infection

This is any old infection of ear or recurring acute infection. The earache in case of chronic ear infections may not be as severe as that felt in acute infections. It is either constant earache or episodes of pain in ear.

Symptoms  associated with  earache

Earache is a complete symptom itself, however it may have more underlying problems depending on the cause of pain. The other complaints associated with ear pain may be.

  • Fever and Headache.
  • Headache
  • Swelling around ears
  • Dizziness 
  • Drooping of facial muscles
  • Discharge from ears
  • Ear pain is a severe problem for infants and kids and has following present ing complaints 
  • High fever
  • Increased irritability 
  • They pull or rub their ear
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Improper hearing 
  • Problems in balancing

Seek urgent medical advice if your child develops a stiff neck, appears very tired, responds poorly or cannot be consoled.

Ear examination

The first test for an ear problem is often just looking at the ear. An otoscope is a device to look into the ear canal to see the drum.Any suppuration or wax can be seen with an otoscope.

Auditory testing -This tests a person’s hearing in each ear, using sounds of varying volume and frequency.

X-ray - an xray shows perforation or abscess in the ear.
Computed tomography (CT scan): A CT scanner uses X-rays and a computer to create images of the ears and surrounding structures.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scan): Using radio waves in a magnetic field, a scanner creates high-resolution images of the ears and surrounding structures.
Prevention of earache

  • Avoiding entry of water into ear while swimming or bathing
  • Never inserting foreign objects like pin or matchstick in ear
  • Avoiding allergy triggers like pollen etc into ear
  • Avoiding smoking and exposure to second hand smoke
Updated: February, 21 2015

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