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Characteristics and guiding symptoms of some medicines used in this disease are described below

  1. Aconite nap: It is indicated if caused by exposure to cold draft or dry cold wind. The symptoms being coryza, frequent sneezing, chilliness, restless sleep, full hard pulse and anxiety. Sudden and violent attack of disease- symptoms. Frequent thirst for large quantity of water. Very fearful and fear of death.
  2. Antim tart: Wheezing respiration, moist rales throughout the chest, cough appears to be loose, but no phlegma is raised. Agg. from warm Amel. Aversion to milk. Desires for sour. Thirstless. Violent short, dry, continual distressing cough, worse at night and drinks and sour. by expectoration.
  3.  Belladonna:  fever on lying down. Coldness of lower extremities and hotness of upper extremities. Affected parts are red, heated, buming and oversensitive.
  4.  Bryonia alb:  Very severe cough, and hurts the head and distant parts of the body. The patient presses the head or chest during coughing andcough is worse after meal but no expectoration. The patient is susceptible to hot. Dry white- coated tongue. Takes large quantity of cold water at long intervals. Angry and ailments from anger and cold after warm.
  5. Carbo veg: Profuse, yellow, expectoration, dyspnoea, much rattling in chest and buming. Concomitant with diarrhoea and ‘distension of abdomen. Amel. by eructation. Agg.- from milk. Desires for salt and sweets.
  6. Hepar sulph: For loose, choking rattling cough with moist rales, the expectoration is yellow,
    hoarse voice, very sensitive to cold. Agg. From cold and at night. The patient is very chilly, hurry, restless and oversensitive. Desires for sour and pungent foods. All discharges are with sour dour.
  7. Ipecac: The rales are londer and coarser with much coughing, which does not being out the
    sputum. Tendency to vomiting and nausea hemorrhage and difficult respiration, patient is
    thirstless with clear tongue.
  8. Kali carb:  When sharp stitches in the chest along with dyspnoea, choking cough and great weakness. Agg. at midnight after and cold. The patient is fat, chilly, oversensitive and weak. Desires for sweets and sour.
  9. Kali bich: Where the mucus is tough and difficult to raise. Agg. from cold and periodically at
    specific day or season. The patient is very chilly, altemative rheumatism and phlegmatic condition.
  10. Lycopodium: Worse from stretching the arms, Stooping and lying down on the left side, from
    eating or drinking cold things. Agg. from 4 p.m. —8 p.m. The patient is chilly, angry, greedy and
    lazy. Affected on right side. Desires for warm food, drinks and sweets.
  11. Phosphorus: Paroxysmal cough with pain below chest, suffocative pressure in the upper part of chest with constriction of larynx, hoarseness with mucus rales, bloody and sputum purulent having or salty or sweetish taste. The patient is lean, very sympathetic, restless, absent minded, sharp intellect and susceptible to hot. Fear of darkness and thunder-storm. Unable to lye on left or affected side.

Diet and Regimen

• Keep in bed
• Avoid dust stuff and damp weather.
• Avoid fat during attached and use warm water.

Updated: February, 13 2015

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