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What is amenorrhoea(absence of menses)?

Amenorrhoea is absence of menses or lack of regular monthly periods in females

When a female does not have the bleeding phase of menstrual cycle due to any disease it is known as pathological amenorrhoea.

Types Of Amenorrhoea :

  1. Physiological.
  2. Pathological.


This type of lack of menses is not due to any pathology and it is normal physiology of the female reproductive sy .eg-Before Menarche-The regular monthly bleeding is absent in females before puberty.

During Pregnancy - During Pregnancy the females do not have menstrual flow.

Post Menopausal Bleeding - Usually after the age of 45-50 years the monthly periods of females permanently stop.

Post Hysterectomy(removal of uterus)-If due to any disease the uterus is removed,the females do not have their monthly bleeding


When a female does not have the bleeding phase of menstrual cycle due to any disease it is known as pathological amenorrhoea.Pathological amenorrhoea is of two types -Primary Amenorrhoea-A female starts menstruating between 14-16 yrs (common age of menarche) of age usually.if this does not happen ,it is referred as primary amenorrhoea.This happens in case of congenital anamolies like malformation of reproductive organs, imperforate hymen, non formation of uterus etc.

-Secondary Amenorrhoea- If a normally menstruating female does not have monthly bleeding for more than six consecutive months, it is called secondary amenorrhoea.

Causes of pathological amenorrhoea

The most common causes of  amenorrhoea are  hormonal imbalance, mental or physical stress, sudden weight loss,excessive exercise or any disorder of the reprpductive system like hypothyroidism,PCOD, endometrial cancer etc.

Diagnosis of amenorrhoea

The following tests can be performed to diagnose amenorrhoea 

pregnancy tests, which can be either a urine or a blood test
physical examination to determine overall health and the presence of other sexual characteristics
medical history, including gynaecological history and contraceptive methods used
hormone tests to check the functioning of the hypothalamus, pituitary glands and ovaries
other scans, which can include CT scans and ultrasounds of the reproductive system.

 Homeopathic Treatment Of Amenorrhoea

Homeopathy has a wide range of medicines for dysmenorrhoea according to the symptomatology of the patient the treatment should be started after proper diagnostic tests are done because in cases of congenital anamoly of the reproductive system like imperforate hymen, vaginal atresia etc surgical intervention is must.Janosia Ashoka, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Natrum Muiriaticum are some of the indicated medicines of dysmenorrhoea.

Updated: January, 31 2015

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