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Dr. Shivani Verma

Dr. Shivani Vermasenior Consultant at Aarogya Homeopathy

Dr. Shivani Verma stands in the front row of budding homeopaths that have the caliber to take Homeopathic system of medicine to the next levels. Dr. Shivani Verma is a MD in Homeopathy with a consulting portfolio of more than 3200 patients. Dr. Shivani Verma graduated in homeopathy in the year 2011.Though young in age; her experience speaks about her dedication and zeal to work in the field of Homeopathy. Since her college days Dr. Shivani Verma has been attending and conducting various seminars, workshops and school health camps.

Dr. Shivani Verma has worked under the mentorship of Dr. Elham Mohajer who is an internationally acclaimed homeopath. Dr. Shivani Verma has excellent inter-personal skills through which patients easily connect with her and this aids in forming a perfect picture of the diseased individual. Dr. Shivani Verma has a contemporary approach to homeopathic prescribing. Dr. Shivani Verma has a good command over Classical Homeopathic prescribing as well as Homeopathic therapeutics. This gives her an edge of having higher success rate in treatment of both old, chronic diseases and acute diseases. Dr. Shivani Verma has special interest in the field of Homeopathic Gynaecology which deals with diseases of females. Apart from this, Dr. Shivani Verma has been successfully treating the seasonal allergies in children, developmental disorders of children, skin diseases, hair problems, joint complaints etc. Dr. Shivani Verma has a passion for teaching, since her college days she has been involved in training and guiding junior doctors about Homeopathic Philosophy and its application to prescribing.

Dr. Shivani Verma is a renowned member of The Research Society of Homeopathy and Dr. Shivani Verma is in the core committee of Contemporary Approach to Classical Homeopathy.
Dr. Shivani Verma is a dedicated, young and energetic homeopath with immense potential and dynamic personality that will be proved with time.