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About Aarogya Homeopathy

Aarogya Online homeopathy has a team of professionals, headed by dr shivani which is dedicated to online treatment. This team is involved in the process of making calls, taking the case, analyzing the case history, conversation with the patient (Dr shivani personally interacts with each patient before finalizing prescription), delivery of medicines through a reliable and punctual courier company.
We deliver medicines across the world. You can contact Aarogya homeopathy via telephone, sms, whatsapp, email, Skype as per your convenience. Your query will be answered within 24 hours. Then go to the payment window and make payment according to your need. Once the payment is received, a case taking form will be sent to you. This form is to be duly filled and returned. Dr Shivani will make a call after going through this form. The medicines will then be dispatched.

Our mission is to deliver services which simplify, improve and increase the effectiveness of practitioners'work. The goal is to help more people through homeopathy and to spread this form of therapy as a viable treatment alternative.

Aarogya Homeopathy is created by homeopaths, doctors and system developers in collaboration. The founder of Aarogya Homeopathy, Shivani Verma(M.D.), has been actively running ventures in the alternative treatments sector for the past 4 years. During these years Dr. Shivani Verma herself is a practising homeopath owned clinic and quality-assured by CCH (Central Council of Homoeopathy in India). This background has made her into a strong proponent for integrated medicine and its main principles.

Dr. Shivani Verma desire to focus on the patient, free up time for the therapeutic dialogue and ensure quality in her work propelled her to reflect on how she could use her education, experience and traits in combination with technology's superior management of vast amounts of information. The solution was homeopath, which unites proven natural medicine with systematised data technology.

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Anybody of any age can use Homeopathic treatment for many different emotional and physical complaints. The fact that homeopathic remedies do not have any side effects or do not cause addiction means that homeopathic treatment can be safely used during pregnancy or for babies. Homeopathic treatment can help many people with different diseases.

I am a qualified registered homeopath with 4 years experience. I practice from a clinic in Aarogya Homeopathy, vikas nagar, Lucknow. If you live not far away I will be happy to see you for a face to face consultation in my clinic.

Ideally, a homeopath would like to see a patient on a one-to-one basis. However, sometimes this is very difficult or even impossible. In this case, you can use our Online Homeopathic Consultation.