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Aarogya Online homeopathy has a team of professionals, headed by dr shivani which is dedicated to online treatment. This team is involved in the process of making calls, taking the case, analyzing the case history, conversation with the patient (Dr shivani personally interacts with each patient before finalizing prescription), delivery of medicines through a reliable and punctual courier company.

We deliver medicines across the world. You can contact Aarogya homeopathy via telephone, sms, whatsapp, email, Skype as per your convenience. Your query will be answered within 24 hours. Then go to the payment window and make payment according to your need. Once the payment is received, a case taking form will be sent to you. This form is to be duly filled and returned. Dr Shivani will make a call after going through this form. The medicines will then be dispatched.



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July 2015

Sleep Disorder

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October 2015


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